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Any Web Site as any other product need to be advertised. Advertising should be made where the potential consumers of your products are. The same happens in Internet as well. There are many Search Engines, catalogues, banner exchange programs, pay per click programs and sometimes it is hard to choose the right one. We offer a complex solution of this problem.

Our website promotion services includes but not limited to:

  • Link management
    This part of website promotion is key especially since Google, Yahoo and MSN all place a heavy emphasis on the number of quality links pointing to a website. We will submit your website to relevant links, including databases, directories, resources and websites that correlate to your specific industry. These are the type of links that the search engines see as important, and they will rank you high because of them.

  • Web site text optimization
    We will 'tweak' the actual text on your site, as it is very important that your text contain the proper keywords that relate to your particular service, and how people are using the search engines to find your type of service or product. Content is essencial, and you must have the proper keywords in your text.
    This includes 'tweaking' the text on ALL your important pages, to make better use of the many keywords related to your industry.

  • Pay per click programs analytics
    We will analyse your web site, select keywords, bids and choose pay per click program(PPC) best fits for your site.


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